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Passmore Law is highly experienced Estate and Trust planning and Probate services.

Our experience speaks for itself. We have navigated many individuals through setting up their Estate and Trust, as well as representing parties in the probate process.

Did you know that everyone has an estate to plan?

Everyone will leave behind some form of estate- are you wondering what will happen to yours? Make sure that your family and loved ones are well taken care of now, so that you can rest assured for the future. Our office is highly experienced and can navigate a portfolio and assets of any degree, making sure that you are leveraging your resources in the best way possible.


Have you recently experienced the death of a family member or loved one and are now wondering how the assets will be divided?

If there has been a Will or Trust previously formed by the deceased, or if no will is present, our probate services will make sure that the assets are divided to the letter of the will, trust or state laws. These processes and the legal ramifications can be daunting. Contact us today so we can help you navigate this process in a timely manner.

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